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Industrial Cleaning

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As the preferred industrial cleaning company in Brooklyn Park, MN, Brooklyn Park Cleaning takes a lot of pride in delivering the quality of service that our customers have come to expect of us. We only rely on the most qualified team of professional cleaners to help with your service needs. Our cleaners clean confined spaces, dust, clean tanks, ice blasting/jetting, and a whole lot more. This type of cleaning is not for an amateur, which is often why our business is relied upon to perform the job. We have the necessary equipment and experienced cleaners to offer the most effective cleaning possible.

Industrial Cleaning Equipment

Anyone who has ever had the task of cleaning an industrial business will tell you that his no small job. It requires the appropriate industrial cleaning equipment to get the job done. There are often hard to reach areas that are difficult for the average person to reach. However, with the right cleaning equipment, it's easy for our cleaners to efficiently perform the job by getting into those hard to reach areas. Since we use industrial-strength equipment, our customers are assured of getting their money's worth, regardless of the extent of the work that has to be done.

Preventative Maintenance

You may not understand the importance of preventative maintenance until your industrial business doesn't pass an inspection. When this occurs, there is usually a large fine to pay. You can avoid this by having preventative maintenance performed by our qualified cleaners. Keeping your machinery clean and unclogged, offers you the peace-of-mind in knowing that your machines will continue working as needed. We encourage you to have routine cleanings performed as a part of your preventative maintenance. With preventative maintenance, we can also evaluate the condition and cleanliness of your equipment, which is vitally important if you have leaks or spills.

Tank, Pits, and Sump Cleanings

When you want to comply with EPA regulations, allow us to clean your sumps, tanks, and pits. Not just clean them but clean them properly and thoroughly. With our level of experience and skills, we can offer the best cleaning job possible, as we pay close attention to the details of every job that we are hired to perform. We can clean our underground tank and above ground tank too. With our powerful industrial strength cleaning equipment, you are sure to receive the best cleaning possible and remain compliant.

High-Quality Industrial Cleaning Services

You are sure to receive the quality of cleaning that you want and deserve by relying on Brooklyn Park Cleaning to clean your industrial facility. We have a team of experienced cleaning technicians who will carefully clean your business and machinery. When working in such an environment, you want someone who will not only provide you with a thorough cleaning, but will also adhere to safety regulations while cleaning. Since we are experienced industrial cleaners, you can be sure that we will, as we are already familiar with such regulations. It is how we offer such high-quality cleanings.

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